KB Suite

The Danish Royal Library KB Suite is a set of free, open source extension modules for OpenCms. The KB Suite adds front- and back-end related features to OpenCms that have been developed for building the Danish Royal Librarys web site and may be of use or inspiration to other users of OpenCms.

The KB Suite modules are made available free of charge as open source from the Danish Royal Library.

The KB Suite modules are installed on a standard OpenCms system. Some of them may depend on each other. The source code for the KB Suite modules is available by request from the Danish Royal Library.

The KB Suite modules are distributed separately on the www.kb.dk website. Clicking the link below will take you to the module download page.

Modul Version: varies
Zur Verfügung gestellt von: The Danish Royal Library
Lizenz: GNU LGPL
Zum Downloaden hier Klicken (600 kb)

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