OpenCms Module Developer

OpenCms Module Developer is a productivity tool that is provided as an Eclipse plug-in which aids the development of OpenCms modules.

OpenCms does not provide a development environment to develop new modules. Modules are best developed in an IDE, like Eclipse or NetBeans, and then uploaded to OpenCms. The Eclipse plug-in OpenCms Module Developer is created to provide the developer with a convenient synchronisation mechanism to communicate his module with OpenCms from within Eclipse.

This plug-in is aimed at module developers. It can only synchronise with modules located in the VFS folder /system/modules/. It's intention is that the developer can develop his module with the tools provided by Eclipse and periodically upload his module to a local OpenCms installation to test his work.

The plug-in is released under the Eclipse Public License v1.0 and the source code can be viewed from the subversion repository.


The OpenCms Module Developer plug-in requires that every module is a separate Eclipse project. Below is a list of current features of the first release.

  • New Module wizard
  • Support for OpenCms 6.0 through 7.0 (rc2 or newer)
  • Support for special web container configurations, such as database drivers that are located in a shared lib folder
  • Eclipse Library containing the OpenCms binaries is automatically added to your project's classpath
  • Upload your module to OpenCms, overwriting existing files and removing obsolete files. OpenCms properties set on existing files are preserved.
  • Upload (as above) and publish your module to OpenCms.
  • Download your module from OpenCms, overwriting existing files and removing obsolete files.
Modul Version: 0.0.7
Zur Verfügung gestellt von: Red Star Development
Lizenz: Eclipse Public License
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