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BP South Africa Ltd.

British Petroleum is one of the world's biggest oil and gas explorers, producers, refiners, and retailers.

Sprache: English
Kategorie: Public Website
Branche: Energie / Versorgungsunternehmen

AEM S.p.A.

A complete portal for the energy italian market leader AEM S.p.A. (quoted on the italian stock exchange market -Borsa Italiana). Thousand of pages and a lot of graphics templates and a lot of services (ex. billings payments).

Sprache: English, Italian
Kategorie: Public Website
Branche: Energie / Versorgungsunternehmen

Centrais Elétricas do Norte do Brasil S.A - Eletronorte

The Centrais Elétricas do Norte do Brasil S.A. – Eletronorte, joint-stock company of mixed economy and subsidiary of Centrais  Elétricas Brasileiras S.A. – Eletrobrás, is a concessionaire of public power. Performs in Generation, Transmission and Marketing of electric energy.

Sprache: Brazilian Portuguese
Kategorie: Public Website, Intranet
Branche: Energie / Versorgungsunternehmen

Kuwait Petroleum Danmark A/S

Order fuel and oil online on the website of the danish branch of Kuwait Petroleum. One of the first sites in Denmark to accept card payments through the internet.

Sprache: Danish
Kategorie: Extranet
Branche: Energie / Versorgungsunternehmen

Plasma technology - solution for new challenges

You want to:

  • increase quality of your products
  • optimize methods and processes
  • develop new products

 You need:

  • surface treatment
  • radiation (light) sources
  • cleaning technology up to sterilization
  • new materials, micro and nano structures

  Many problems can be solved by plasma technology!

Sprache: German, Enlish, Polish
Kategorie: Public Website
Branche: Energie / Versorgungsunternehmen

Schmersal - Industrieschaltgeräte

This public websites offers a lot of informations about the products of The Schmersal Group located in Germany. The Schmersal Group offers its customers the largest range of safety switching appliances and systems worldwide for the protection of human life and machines.

Sprache: English, German
Kategorie: Public Website
Branche: Energie / Versorgungsunternehmen

Unigas Distribuzione S.r.l. Website

New company website, new layout and contents

Sprache: italian
Kategorie: Public Website
Branche: Energie / Versorgungsunternehmen

Waterleidingmaatschappij Drenthe

Both Intranet and Website for this Dutch drinking water company are based on Opencms. Unique in this project are the integration of backoffice applications and the combination Rich Internet, based on Macromedia Flash, with the content management features of Opencms.

Sprache: Dutch, English
Kategorie: Public Website, Intranet
Branche: Energie / Versorgungsunternehmen


Presentation of a wind power operator and project developer with an integrated shareholder's portal.

Sprache: German
Kategorie: Public Website, Extranet
Branche: Energie / Versorgungsunternehmen

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Latest References

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    Vom 10. November 2014

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    Vom 21. Oktober 2014

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