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OpenCms is a website content management system (CMS) that allows to maintain public websites, extranets or an intranets with little or no help by an external agency or internet professional. Departments and individual users can thus concentrate on creating the content for the website, and publish it in an easy and intuitive way.

Have a look at the major features of the different OpenCms versions to get a complete overview over the advantages and capabilities of OpenCms.

Please note: All features listed here are part of the latest OpenCms version 8.

Features introduced with OpenCms versions

  • New OpenCms features in version 8

    Version 8 of OpenCms contains significant user interface improvements for the content manager. More over OpenCms has been enhanced for several new features.
  • OpenCms features since version 7

    OpenCms version 7 introduced multiple important features and enhancements. The link management, account management and countless other items were added or improved.
  • OpenCms features since version 6

    Have a look on the features that have been part of OpenCms since version 6 and learn more about "Direct Editing" of contents, structured content items and image processing capabilities of OpenCms.
  • OpenCms features since version 5 and earlier

    The basic features that are part of of OpenCms since version 5 and earlier introduce the Explorer view, the integrated offline / online workflow, the JSP integration and many other useful tools.

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  • OpenCms 13 features a new plugin system as a more flexible replacement of the "headincludes" functionality. Geo search functionality has been added to find contents by geo coordinates. Extensions to the template variant mechanism allow setting overrides and renaming of formatter keys. There are also refinements for the "Mercury" default template as well as security improvements.

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OpenCms Days 2016

  • OpenCms Days 2016 Conference and Expo

    OpenCms Days 2016 will take place September 26 to 27 in Cologne, Germany.

    Highlight of the international user conference and expo will be the introduction of OpenCms 10.5. OpenCms Days will be the perfect opportunity to exchange experiences around OpenCms with high profile participants and speakers from all over the world.

    Visit this 2 day conference and expo to meet and mingle with leading OpenCms experts and other OpenCms users.

    OpenCms Days 2016 is targeted towards an international audience. The language spoken at the event and used for all presentations is English.

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