OpenCms version 8 feature list

The following new features were introduced with OpenCms 8. A lot of usability and usage improvements were added to OpenCms. Have a look at the feature descriptions to get an overview over these improvements.

Have a look at the following feature descriptions

  • Page Editor

    The OpenCms page editor offers easy and intuitive content creation, deletion and content arrangement on webpages with "drag and drop". Actions like saving, publishing and adding content are available from the page editor as well. All features are available directly on the webpage.
  • Sitemap Editor

    The sitemap editor allows the creation and manipulation of the websites page structure. Pages can easily be dragged into and moved around in the navigation tree.
  • Inline Editor

    Content elements can be created or modified in-place directly on the page itself without switching to a another editor view.
  • Content Editor

    A form based content editor is available in order to use advanced content editing features. The form based editor offers a structured view on the content and is automatically generated from an XML schema.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Humanreadable / machine friendly URLs, creating aliases or redirects, auto-generate sitemap.xml or robot.txt, manage meta data like keywords, description and title, prevent crawling and much more is possible with OpenCms.
  • Gallery Organization

    The intuitive content gallery interface allows users to create new content or re-use existing content with multiple search options.
  • Solr Integration

    For powerful search capabilities and noSQL-like queries Apache Solr is tightly integrated into OpenCms. Advanced features like faceted search, range-queries, synonyms as well as language detection can be used out of the box.
  • CMIS Integration

    By implementing the Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) external applications can access the content repository of OpenCms in a standardized way.
  • Shared folder

    If you're maintaining multiple internet or intranet sites within a single OpenCms instance, you can use the shared folder in order to distribute the same content on several sites. With this concept you are able to share the content, managed once at a central location, to different domains with a single click. Especially for large projects the "Shared Folder" is a big benefit.
  • Content Subscription Engine

    You want to personalize your website or inform your users of changes to specific contents? The CSE allows users to subscribe to individual content items and get notifications when a change in the content occurs. This can also be used to distribute automated notifications or to manage personal favorites.
  • Multi-File upload

    The advanced HTML5 based upload dialog allows multiple file selection, also with drag and drop. After uploading, a dialog allows to edit the meta data can be for all uploaded file items.

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  • OpenCms 17 gives content managers the new app "Date search" to find content that has been changed in a certain time range. The "Websites" app allows to easily export the content of a complete site for archiving. An option has been added to hide "sensitive" content in the Offline project. The default Mercury template has been further improved, e.g. with SEO optimized job postings, a "spacer" function and marker clusters for maps. OpenCms 17 has also been tested and certified using Java 17 LTS and 21 LTS.

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