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Full featured XML based content editor for power users
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The OpenCms 8 content editor has been completely written in HTML5 for ease-of-use and speed. The editor is automatically generated based on XML schemas (XSD) describing the structure of content types. It provides a rich user interface for the content managers that is used to generate XML files based on the XML schemas. The generated XML is then stored in the OpenCms repository.

Main features of the content editor are:

  • Runs on the client side and provides in a highly responsive user experience.
  • Automatically generated from an XML schema (XSD), do programming required.
  • Provides a large selection of rich user interface widgets.
  • Can be extended with custom user interface widgets for special uses cases.
  • Generates XML files that are validated against the XML schema and stored in the database.

Powerful widgets

Cropping with the image gallery widget
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OpenCms is shipped together with a large set of powerful widgets that can easily be used in the XML content editor without any need of programming. Espacially the image gallery widget offers a huge set of functionality for advanced image manipulation e.g. cropping and image resizing.

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