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Inline Editor

Easy inline editing with rich text features
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Inline editing is a new feature, which improves the user experience during editing of page contents. The HTML5 inline editing enables content managers to change the contents in place directly on the preview page.

When the cursor is hovering over text, which can be edited inline, the edit pen appears. By a simple click on it, the edit mode starts and optionally rich text options come up.

Extra effort has been spend to ensure that the editor opens without displacing elements, switching the view or any flickering effects.

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Latest News

  • OpenCms 17 available

    Apr 9, 2024 - OpenCms 17 gives content managers the new app "Date search" to find content that has been changed in a certain time range. The "Websites" app allows to easily export the content of a complete site for archiving. An option has been added to hide "sensitive" content in the Offline project. The default Mercury template has been further improved, e.g. with SEO optimized job postings, a "spacer" function and marker clusters for maps. OpenCms 17 has also been tested and certified using Java 17 LTS and 21 LTS.

  • OpenCms 17 Release Notes

    Apr 9, 2024 - The OpenCms 17 release notes contain detailed information about the new features and fixes in this version.

  • Alkacon OCEE 17

    Apr 9, 2024 - Alkacon OCEE 17 is the latest OCEE release for OpenCms 17. This version improves the cluster shutdown behaviour when using the CmsShell.

  • OpenCms Docker image

    Apr 9, 2024 - Test OpenCms using the official image from the Docker hub registry - the fastest way to evaluate and test OpenCms. The image is well suited for evaluation and test purposes of the latest OpenCms release. We provide a docker-compose file to get OpenCms and the database running with just one command.