OpenCms 11.0 RC Distribution

Try out the forthcoming new features of OpenCms 11.0 with this release candidate.

New in OpenCms 11.0

  • Workplace: Completely restructured the workplace for improved usability using a modern GUI.
  • Workplace: All images are now vector graphics with high resolution (retina) display support.
  • Workplace: New 'Lists' app for management of default 'List configuration' based content lists using SOLR.
  • Workplace: New 'Resource types' app allows to create, read, edit and delete individual resource types.
  • Workplace: New 'Script terminal' app allows to interactively run OpenCms shell scripts in the workplace.
  • Workplace: New 'Sessions' app allows to manage current user sessions and send messages to users.
  • Editor: Added image 'focal point' feature to allow automatic image cropping around this point.
  • Editor: Added support for SVG files in images galleries.
  • Template API: New meta mapping feature allows to inherit values from XML contents to the page template (for SEO meta infos).
  • Template API: Image variations for 'srcset' or 'picture' can now be generated using a simple EL API.
  • Template API: The new 'List configuration' type provides standard filter and sort options for title / date / category / folder.
  • Setup: Updating a module will now import only the changes instead of deleting and reinstalling the module.
  • Management: New option to execute OpenCms shell commands in a running OpenCms instance using RMI.
  • Management: Added flex-cache bucket feature to allow selective flex-cache purging.
  • Provided Java 11 support.
Please note: This RC version is considered feature complete! All important functionalities are in place. Some minor GUI improvements, as well as improvements to the demo template, will be made for the final release. In case you plan to upgrade to OpenCms 11.0 when it's released, we recommend to use this for testing your templates in the new version.

Who should use this OpenCms 11.0 Beta distribution download?

Use this download to try out the new version 11.0 RC of OpenCms before the final release. OpenCms 11.0 RC is fully backward compatible to all prior 9.x and 10.x versions. Templates and other OpenCms developed code for these versions should work "out of the box" with version 11.0 RC.

Please note: The *.jar files in this binary distribution have been compiled for Java 8.

Module Version: 11.0 RC
Provided By: Alkacon Software GmbH
License: GNU Lesser General Public License
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  • OpenCms 11.0.2 is a maintenance release for OpenCms 11. This version fixes a number of issues that have been detected in OpenCms 11.0.1. Also included are some improvements and security enhancements. Compared to version 10, OpenCms 11 brings a major update for the workplace, all apps have been replaced with modernized versions. Moreover, this release is compatible with Java 11 and comes with the new "Mercury" default template.

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  • Update your existing OpenCms installation to the current stable version 11.0.2 with the easy to use upgrade wizard.

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