OpenCms 8.0.3 Distribution

With version 8.0.3, many important and useful additional features and improvements have been added to the OpenCms 8 core system and a number of issues that persisted in the 8.0.2 release have been fixed.

Main improvements in OpenCms 8.0.3

  • With the introduction of "Function Pages", JSP based dynamic pages can be added with simple drag and drop in the sitemap editor.
  • The sitemap editor's improved "Create Page" dialog offers a wider choice of types distinguishing "Container Pages", "Type Pages" and "Function Pages".
  • It is now also possible to select the page model when using the sitemap editor's context menu option "Create Sub-Page".
  • The available container page models can be accessed for editing directly from the "Create Page" dialog in the sitemap editor.
  • The sitemap editor executes the "Show Page" action if the page icon in the sitemap is clicked.
  • JSP function elements can now have multiple formatters to be used in different containers.
  • The element option bar displays a "Resource is currently locked" icon if an element is currently edited by another user.
  • The content galleries have been improved with a text search field to directly search for "Galleries" and "Categories".

Please check out the release notes for further details of the changes in this release.

Who should use this OpenCms 8.0.3 distribution download?

Use this download to install the new version 8.0.3 of OpenCms from scratch. We recommend everyone who uses OpenCms to update to the 8.0.2 release. OpenCms 8.0.3 is fully backward compatible to all prior 7.x versions. Templates and other OpenCms developed code from version 7.0 or 7.5 should work "out of the box" with version 8.0.3.

If you want to upgrade an existing OpenCms 7.5.x, 7.0.x or 6.x version, please use the OpenCms 8.0.3 upgrade Wizard download also available from this website. 

Please note: The *.jar files in this binary distribution have been compiled for Java 1.5.

Module Version: 8.0.3
Provided By: Alkacon Software GmbH
License: GNU Lesser General Public License
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  • OpenCms 17 gives content managers the new app "Date search" to find content that has been changed in a certain time range. The "Websites" app allows to easily export the content of a complete site for archiving. An option has been added to hide "sensitive" content in the Offline project. The default Mercury template has been further improved, e.g. with SEO optimized job postings, a "spacer" function and marker clusters for maps. OpenCms 17 has also been tested and certified using Java 17 LTS and 21 LTS.

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  • Update your existing OpenCms installation to the current stable version 17 with the easy to use upgrade wizard.

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