OpenCms 9.0.1 Distribution

We recommend everyone who uses OpenCms to update to the version 9.0.1 release.

Improved in OpenCms 9.0.1

  • New 'Add resource type' dialog added to the module management.
  • New 'Clone Module' dialog added to the module management.
  • Added option to show expired or unreleased resources in content collector lists in the offline project.
  • The 'Source search' administration tool has been greatly enhanced.
  • Demo template updated to Bootstrap 3.1.0.
  • TinyMCE editor updated to version 4.0.16.
  • Improved browser support for IE 10 and IE 11.
  • ... and much more

New in OpenCms 9

  • Improved "in place" editing of web pages for text and also for images and other content types.
  • Enhanced support for different devices with preview and device specific content control.
  • Access to the content repository over a shared network drive.
  • Detail pages now allow individual content to be added with drag & drop.
  • A new site management tool allows simple configuration of multiple sites.
  • Automated / scripted setup option, great for continuous integration builds.
  • Optimized build process using Gradle.
  • Improved configuration for content formatters
  • A new responsive demo template based on Bootstrap as a base for customization.

Please note: This version of OpenCms requires Java 6 because of library dependencies.

Please check out the release notes for further details of the changes in this release.

Who should use this OpenCms 9.0.1 distribution download?

Use this download to install the new version 9.0.1 of OpenCms from scratch. OpenCms 9.0.1 is fully backward compatible to all prior 9.x, 8.x and 7.x versions. Templates and other OpenCms developed code these versions should work "out of the box" with version 9.0.1.

If you want to upgrade an existing OpenCms 9.0.0, 8.5.x, 8.0.x, 7.5.x, 7.0.x or 6.x version, please use the OpenCms 9.0.1 upgrade Wizard download also available from this website. 

Please note: The *.jar files in this binary distribution have been compiled for Java 6.

Module Version: 9.0.1
Provided By: Alkacon Software GmbH
License: GNU Lesser General Public License
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Download OpenCms

  • OpenCms 15 provides role-based control to restrict who is allowed to update the sitemap configuration, including an editor for modifying selected sitemap attributes by any content manager. The new launchpad app "Person data search" reveals personal user data stored in the VFS. The Mercury template adds more than 1800 optional icons from the Bootstrap collection and numerous further enhancements.

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Upgrade OpenCms

  • Update your existing OpenCms installation to the current stable version 15 with the easy to use upgrade wizard.

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