Article Management Module (for OpenCms 5 and NEW OpenCms 6)

You want a certain set of articles or galleries displayed on a page as overview? Each article or gallery should have something like a "Read more..." link which brings up the full article? For convenience and to save you a lot of colored ink, you might also want the same article to be displayed in a printer friendly format? Additionally, you only want to enter the contents of your article once in one single place? The article should have one or more sections, which in turn have section related links, images or additional info? Here you go, this article management module is made for you!

Module Version: 1.0 (OC5), 0.9 (OC6)
Provided By: Ulrich Rueth
License: GNU Public License
Click here to download (260 (OC5), 126 (OC6) kb)

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