jBPM Workflow Engine

For complex content management projects a workflow for publishing documents is an often requested feature. Usually 4-eyes- or 6-eyes-workflows are used. comundus handles these customer inquiries by connecting the open source process framework for the Java 2EE platform with OpenCms.

Please download the pdf document (link below) to get a detailed technical description about the jBPM Workflow Engine. In this document you will find information about how you can use the engine and the key benefits you get from it for your projects.

PDF deutsche Version: http://www.comundus.com/downloads/opencms/DEUTSCH-OpenCms-jBPM-workflow-engine.pdf

PDF english version: http://www.comundus.com/downloads/opencms/ENGLISH-OpenCms-jBPM-workflow-engine.pdf

Module Version: 1.0
Provided By: comundus GmbH
License: Commercial
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