Coimbra Host Auditing Tool for OpenCms 7.x and 8.x

Audit module created by Coimbra Host, this module displays events in the use of OpenCms users. For the moment it is only possible to view the files that are being published and which user posted and that date; Also it is possible to see which files were copied and also check who made the copy and the date.

By default it displays all the language preferences set in the workspace of OpenCms.

To install do the following:

  • Download this module to your computer
  • Enter the OpenCms administration area, click Modules >> import via HTTP
  • Enter the location of the module and click OK
  • Restart the web container for the module starts.

This module was tested in OpenCms 7.5 and 8.5

Module Version: 0.5
Provided By: Coimbra Host
Click here to download (26.9 kb)

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