CodeDroids specializes in web solutions, in particular web sites built with OpenCms. We have been working with OpenCms for more than a decade, and have great experience providing solutions both for large and medium-sized web sites.

For complex business logic requirements we create web apps/backend-solutions with Grails and possibly integrated with an OpenCms-frontend for a "best of both worlds" solution.

Country: Denmark

Latest News

  • OpenCms 10.5 Beta available

    Sep 26, 2016 - OpenCms 10.5 Beta provides a feature complete look at OpenCms 10.5. This will be the only pre-release version before OpenCms 10.5.0 is published, which is expected by the end of November. Only minor GUI updates, as well as improvements to the demo template, will be made for the final release.

  • OpenCms 10.5 Beta Release Notes

    Sep 26, 2016 - The OpenCms 10.5 Beta release notes contain detailed information about the new features and fixes in this beta version.