OpenCms User Groups on Facebook and Xing

November 16, 2007

Facebook and Xing logos

Official OpenCms User Groups have been founded on Facebook and Xing.

These groups are open for users, developers, solution providers, customers and all people otherwise interested in OpenCms. They are places to exchange thoughts, ideas and information regarding OpenCms in a social network.

The OpenCms User Group on Facebook is for the international, English speaking community.

Facebook ( is a social utility that helps people communicate more efficiently with their friends, family and coworkers. Anyone can sign up for Facebook and interact with the people they know in a trusted environment. Facebook is a part of millions of people’s lives and half of the users return daily.

The OpenCms User Group on Xing is for the German speaking community.

Xing ( makes your professional network an active part of your life. Far more than a directory of business contacts, Xing enables its members to discover professional people, opportunities and privileges through its unique discovery capability and advanced contact management tools. XING is especially popular in German speaking countries.

As usual with social networks, you need to have an account in order to join the OpenCms user groups. Creating an account is free of charge for both Facebook and Xing.

Please note: These new groups are not intended to be technical OpenCms support groups, but will rather have a people and business oriented focus. The best platform of OpenCms technical support still is the opencms-dev mailing list.

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