New OpenCms Add-On Module Package available

November 30, 2007

Alkacon Software - The OpenCms Experts

Alkacon Software is about to release a series of additional open source modules for OpenCms.

The first release in this series is the OpenCms Newsletter Module, which is available for immediate download from

Following in the next weeks will be OpenCms modules for RSS feed generation, Calendar creation, Page counters and more.

The modules released in this series will be called the
Alkacon OpenCms Add-On Module Package
(Alkacon OAMP). They will be available with full source code and documentation.

Alexander Kandzior, CEO of Alkacon Software:

"We have developed a number of additional functionalities for OpenCms in our customer projects. We will now release a good part of these as Open Source modules, in the hope that they will be useful for others. These modules will not be part of the OpenCms core distribution, because we don't want to bloat the OpenCms core with too many optional features. However, we want to offer a free, open source solution to the OpenCms community for some often requested enhancements."

All Alkacon OAMP modules will be released as full Open Source under the GNU GPL version 3. The source code of the modules is freely available in the public CVS of

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Alkacon OCEE

  • Alkacon Software - Die OpenCms Experten

    Die Alkacon OpenCms Enterprise Extensions (auch OCEE genannt) sind eine kommerzielle Erweiterung von OpenCms. Alkacon OCEE fügt Funktionen zu OpenCms hinzu, die für den Betrieb in Unternehmen benötigt werden, für die Datenkonsistenz, Sicherheit und Ausfallsicherung von großer Bedeutung sind.

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