First OpenCms Development Sprint in Cologne, Germany

July 21, 2008

OpenCms Development Sprint, hosted by Alkacon Software

September 9-10, 2008 - Cologne, Germany

This will be our first ever 2 day OpenCms development sprint event. Sprints are a gathering of programmers who want to actively shape the future of OpenCms.

Anyone interested in programming for OpenCms now or in the future is invited.

The main goals of this OpenCms sprint are:

  • To get to know each other better
  • Working on interesting OpenCms code and concepts
  • Increase the cooperation in the OpenCms community


It's certain the event will be held in Cologne, Germany.

Since this is the first time we host such an event we don't know how many developers to expect. Therefore we have not decided on a final location. Depending on the number of participants, we will either held the sprint in the office of Alkacon Software, or rent a suitable sized room somewhere in Cologne.


There is no fixed agenda for the sprint. All participants in the sprint may propose a topic they want to work on. Some of the topics may be:

  • Working towards JSR 170 in OpenCms
  • How to integrate improved Workflow functionality
  • Using jQuery in the OpenCms Workplace

The final list of topics will be jointly decided by the sprint participants.


Participation for this 2 day sprint event costs 120 Euro per developer. This includes 19% German VAT/sales tax.

We will offer free food and drinks during the 2 day sprint session. Moreover, we may have to rent a location in case we have to many participants to hold the sprint session in our office. The entrance price will cover all this costs.

Further information:

Check out the OpenCms sprint FAQ

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