First public release of Alkacon OAMP GeoMap Module

February 14, 2011

Alkacon Software - The OpenCms Experts

With the new OAMP GeoMap Module, which is available now for download from, you can add a full-featured and highly customizable Google map widget to your OpenCms installation without knowledge of HTML.

Within just one file you can highlight as many locations as you want. You can select a location by address or coordinates. Resize the map or change the zoom level or map type. If you want to use existing KML-files, the OAMP GeoMap Module can handle that, too.

Upgrade your last holiday's blog, your next party's promotional page or the contact information of your company website with this intuitive interactive map widget with integrated route planner.

The Alkacon OAMP GeoMap Module features:

  • A new resource type “Alkacon GeoMap” allows embedding a Google map into your
    website with a few clicks.
  • You can select a location by address or coordinates.
  • Resize the map or change the zoom level or map type.
  • Complete configuration of an Alkacon GeoMap is done in one file.
  • Load an existing KML file from OpenCms’ virtual file system or to enter the URI of a
    KML file based on a remote server.
  • integrates seamlessly with your website template.

The module is available with full source code and documentation.

All Alkacon OAMP modules are released as full Open Source under the GNU GPL version 3. The source code of the modules is freely available in the public CVS of

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