Preview of upcoming OpenCms 8.5 features

March 9, 2012

Inline content editing with Alkacon's new Acacia editor based on IKS semantic web technology

Did you know how easy it is to edit contents directly on the webpage?

The upcoming version 8.5 of OpenCms will feature inline content-editing directly on the web page as well as next level form based editing.

This is provided by Alkacon's new Acacia editor based on IKS semantic web technology.

With the comprehensive and flexible support for meta data contents can be optimally used and website visitors will find what they are looking for.

Watch the webcast and try the online demo to learn more about inline content-editing with the upcoming OpenCms 8.5.

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  • Upgrade to OpenCms 10.5.4. This release focuses on security improvements. Many usability improvements have been made for the Page Editor and the Explorer. OpenCms 10.5 also ships a much improved version of the Apollo Template.

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    The Alkacon OpenCms Enterprise Extensions (also called OCEE) are a commercial extension for OpenCms. Alkacon OCEE adds features to OpenCms that are often required for running OpenCms in a medium or large Enterprise, where data consistency, security and failover are highly important.

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