Interactive OpenCms 5.0 documentation available from Alkacon Software

May 5, 2003

The updated documentation for the OpenCms 5.0 release is now available. This documentation has been developed (and will be maintained) by Alkacon Software.

From version 5.0 onward, the main part of the OpenCms documentation is maintained in the form of OpenCms modules. One of the big advantages is that this gives the reader an interactive documentation with a lot of working example code, because everything can directly be checked out in the running system. It's also easier to write the documentation that way. Some documentation material is available as PDF. The main purpose of the PDF documentation is to provide introductory material about OpenCms, especially providing installation instructions, an "end user" introduction and a general system overview.

The OpenCms 5.0 interactive documentation includes the following modules:

  • Alkacon OpenCms 5.0 interactive documentation base module
  • Alkacon OpenCms 5.0 Howto: JSP template development
  • Alkacon OpenCms 5.0 Howto: Translating the OpenCms Workplace
  • Alkacon OpenCms 5.0 JSP basic documentation
  • Alkacon OpenCms 5.0 JSP scriptlet documentation
  • Alkacon OpenCms 5.0 JSP taglib documentation
  • Alkacon OpenCms 5.0 Flexcache documentation
  • Alkacon OpenCms 5.0 Module mechanism documentation
  • Alkacon OpenCms 5.0 Flex examples set 1
  • Alkacon OpenCms 5.0 Flex examples set 2
  • Alkacon OpenCms 5.0 Flex examples set 3
  • Alkacon OpenCms 5.0 Original JSTL 1.0 standard taglib examples
  • Alkacon OpenCms 5.0 Original Tomcat 4.x JSP examples

Additional documentation chapters are under development and will be released in due course.

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